Strategic Digital Product Management

Whether it is a website, an app or a digital service, I can help you develop a digital product from the concept stage, with vision and roadmaps, and throughout the product lifecycle. 

Product Management Coaching

Whether you are a Product Manager looking for support or an organisation looking to develop staff skills, I help Product Managers transition to agile, build confidence in their roles and become more strategic. 

Strategic Social Media Management

Whether you are struggling to make social media work for your organisation or you just don't have the time or sills available, I can help you with day-to-day management or full social media marketing strategy development.

Social Media Coaching and Training

If you want to develop your own skills in social media marketing I can provide  coaching or training to help you learn the tricks of the trade and become more strategic across your channels.


PKM Digital offers a unique blend of digital product management, strategic marketing and social media marketing skills with a core philosophy that every decision should be based on knowledge. 

I am Nikki @ PKM Digital. I bring a strong user focus to any project I work on, providing skills and services in both digital Product Management and Marketing, alongside a passion in consumer psychology and understanding user's problems, needs and habits.

I deliver a valuable blend of creative and analytical thinking, paired with practical organisation skills, ensuring that I am very successful at discovering, combining and interpreting data and information from multiple sources to enable knowledgeable decision-making and to build knowledge-based strategy.

I deploy this same approach to Social Media Management, building knowledge-based strategies and campaigns by ensuring I understand your goals, your target audience, their needs, habits and what makes them tick.


I have a BA (Hons) Degree in Marketing, a Certificate in Digital Marketing and an Advanced Diploma in Strategic Social Media Marketing. I can provide services to your organisation, or coaching to Product Managers or those involved in managing Social Media, sharing my passion, knowledge and skills.


When it comes to knowing what you actually get for your money with PKM Digital...

well that depends entirely on you and your organisation's needs.

Every client gets a bespoke experience to ensure that they really do get value for money.

The one thing you can be sure of is that you are paying for the skills of an experienced and successful Senior Product Manager and Marketeer, with a strong focus on creating stratgies and making decisions based on knowledge of your users. 

You will be engaging a dynamic and confident professional who can provide leadership and vision but who isn't afraid to get involved in the thick of things and perform day to day tasks.


I bring to the table a strong blend of both creative and analytical thinking with practical skills and the ability to embed new or improve ways of working within your organisation.

I focus on helping you to grow your business through product management, marketing or both, ensuring you get value for money and that we both gain knowledge throughout the process.

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I believe good things start with a good chat, either over the phone or ideally over a coffee (Caramel Latte to be specific).  


So why not connect with Nikki @ PKM Digital and then we  can take it from there.

Or if you still want to know more before we start, find out who I am, check out my services or read up on my previous projects and testimonials.




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